How Do I Get Cigarette Smell Out of a Mattress?

Do you have a mattress that is full of cigarette smell? Wondering how to remove cigarette odors from mattresses?

Here are a few handy tips to help you remove that smoky stench and keep your mattress fresh.

First, get hold of a vacuum cleaner. Start by sucking the dust and other particles in the mattress. You will want to make sure that isn't any unwanted materials in your mattress. You can try enzyme cleaners products available in the market. These cleaning products are able to remove stains found on your mattress and it has been proven effective to break down any particles.

To remove cigarette odor, you should apply the solution only one section at a time. Go through the entire mattress subsequently. In addition, you should clean your mattress more often and regularly, at least 2 to 3 times per week, as a one-time cleaning may not be effective enough to remove the odor entirely.

If you got the budget, you can engage a mattress cleaning company to remove those odors. With the cleaning tools at their disposal, the mattress can be "washed" and become almost a new buy to you. And of course, the smell will be minimal or even totally removed after their washing routines.

Beside the above, there are other methods you can try but they may not be as effective. Some people have tried to use some vinegar and hot water to wash away the smell in their mattress. A few others have resorted to baking soda or using citrus fabric deodorizers. Alternatively, you can use the most primitive method of drying the mattress out in the sun to remove the germs and smell.

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