Chandelier Cleaning

Make sure to use a safe ladder in order to reach this chandelier. By reading the directions below you should then be able to have a nice, clean chandelier looking good as new!

Start off by turning on lights that are near because you will not be able to use the chandelier lighting once you start to clean it. Turn off the light to the chandelier and put a piece of tape over the switch so nobody will turn the light on. Place plastic bags over any of the light bulbs and wrap a rubber band around it to keep it in place. Make sure to place a cloth underneath the fixture just in case anything drops onto the floor. One way to clean the fixture is to make your own solution or you could buy a special cleaner for your type of chandelier.

To make the solution you can mix a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol or ammonia in three parts distilled water. Put this solution in a spray bottle. Next, spray every part of the lighting with the solution, avoiding wires and any other electrical spots. Let the cleaning method drip dry, if your fixture is not good to let drip dry then you will have to clean each individual crystal with the spray. You should then remove the plastic bags and rubber bands from the fixture. Make sure not to turn on the chandelier until the day after so it will be completely dry.

Your chandelier should be looking as clean and shiny as new! No more problems trying to clean this, you should be good to go now for a few months until it needs another cleaning.

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